The youngest to attend my lettering workshop so far is Pippa Nelson, an inspiring 10 year old with so much passion it has inspired me in my own journey. When i first met Pip, at our burleigh workshop, she told me she was just as excited to learn lettering as a Taylor swift concert and laughed with her while smiling at how cute she was. During the class people were so blown away by Pips talent that they joked she would be teaching workshops soon and i thought ” she totally will one day”. A month later and her amazing mum Lindy emails me this photo and shows me that Pip has won artist of the month at eckersleys and i couldn’t have been more excited for her. I have interviewed her for this blog ( along with the help of her mum) so you too can get to know this little world changer.

whats your name and age?
Pippa Nelson 10 years old

How did you get inspired to start lettering?
I saw a beautiful calligraphy video on Instagram and instantly wanted to do that. I showed my Mum the video and she bought me some water colour inks so I could have a go doing it properly and I was instantly hooked.

what do you like most about it?
It gives me the freedom to explore colours and experiment with different lettering styles.

What is your dream for the future?
My dream for the future is to be a paramedic in a helicopter and be a professional artist selling my artworks!

what did you like about the workshop?
I loved how Ella helped me improve my writing style and try different ways of doing letters. She came around the table heaps of times and sat with me one on one and looked at the way I was forming my letters and gave me tips to improve.I liked the brushes Ella gave us with the course. Before Ella’s brushes I had been writing with alcohol based black textas which ran out really quickly and were expensive to replace. Now I have Ella’s brushes and I use them with black ink, and it’s heaps cheaper to practise my brush lettering, which means my Mum is super happy. Mum also enjoyed having the after pay feature on the website as it made it a lot easier.

My Mum also emailed Ella with questions about supplies and lettering after I did the course and Ella replied and helped my Mum.I’m so happy that Ella helped me learn new lettering skills. Now I make artworks for all my friends and frame them in a cheap frame from Kmart. Ella’s course was beyond awesome!

I’m so happy that as apart of my job i get to meet incredible people who inspire me daily. Pips passion and determination has inspired me in my own journey and i am beyond grateful for meeting her in my workshop. I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in the seriousness of what we do but how often do we get back to basics and just have fun and follow our passions? I am definitely challenged by her enthusiasm and passion for life i hope you are too.