We all know that the key to success is getting started but what if you have no idea how too? I want to share with you some quick easy steps on how to bring your idea/ dream to life based on my past experience of running my business.

Before you start anything I would encourage you to set a goal about what you really want in life. This may look like, for example, being your own boss, going on a dream holiday, earning the same salary as you have right now or maybe just work one day per week while making the same salary. Whatever your goal, it’s crucial that you are clear on it and that you write it down. When you do this you’ll find that everything will align automatically with that higher goal. For me, I was sick of being under bad management in my day job and decided that it was time for me to make you’re my type work. My goal was clear- Get out of my day job and do what I love. I didn’t have a plan except for that I really didn’t want to go back into hospitality so really my plan was working hard because I feared falling back into that lifestyle. Now I am my own boss, earn 4x the amount I was paid in my day job and I’m happier, confident and in control of my life. Because of this I have accomplished so much in a short time.

At the start of 2017 I had no idea how to create consistent income, how to charge myself ( which I think is a common problem for a lot of startups) and all I knew was that I wanted to teach workshops around Australia. Thankfully they took off which means I have taught over 150 students this year alone the art of hand lettering in multiple locations across Australia, I have worked with MYER in stores creating hand lettered quotes and cards for customers and my hand lettering has been created for beautiful clients including baby blankets, candles, t shirts, wood hand made stamps, logo creations and branding for businesses.

So how did I do it? How did I take the risk?

Do what it takes to get you there- I worked really hard in 2016 both in my day job and in my business. This was honestly such a hard time as i felt like my heart was in my business and i ” had” to work at a place i wasn’t happy at getting paid money that wasn’t great. It was tough and i would frequently be sad and overworked trying to make this dream happen constantly thinking ” will i ever get to do my business full time????”. Every spare moment I had was taken up with marketing, custom works, emails, office work trips and producing Instagram content. There were plenty of uninstagramable moments that took place that year including tears, frustration and doubting myself but i pushed through it all determined that i would reach my goal.

Put it out there! Waiting until i was “ready” has never been something i have lived by because lets face it.. Are we ever ready? The first thing i ever did was start an Instagram and Facebook page. I feel like this is pretty self explanatory but many people still don’t understand the power of social media and how it can help you achieve your dream. For me, its the first thing i did and i have never looked back. Its a great place to gather feedback, practice putting your self out there, creating content and getting a feel for what you are doing. It helps you to gain self confidence, teaches you patience and also puts you out there. But give it some time.  It takes work to build up a successful social presence but it will be worth it in the end.

Back yourself- At the end of the day you gotta believe in what you are doing. Things will fly your way that are unexpected and you will have to make a call and believe me this is so much easier when you have got your own back! Don’t get discouraged that something isn’t happening in a time frame that you thought it would. Keep trying new things, talking to people you admire, getting advice and having fun in the process. If you are in this for the long term understand that it will take time for it to be built. So have fun in the process of the daily grind. It will take a while for you to have what you want. But nothing worth having comes easy.

That’s my simple steps on how to get started. Extra bonus tip- Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing the best you can x

P.s if you need extra help goal setting i have a FREE GOAL SETTING WORKBOOK that i have worked super hard on for you! head to the home page to claim yours!