The latest data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) states that nearly 66 percent of small businesses will not survive their first two years. Isn’t that shocking! Now I’m no expert but this small business start up gig seems to be taking the best of us out of the game before its even started. There are so many elements and individual cases that its not an easy answer to suggest why the statistics are so high in the early days of your start up but one thing we can do to assure that we aren’t included in those stats is to be our own biggest fan.


I briefly mentioned this topic in my ” one sentence advice” blog post down below but i wanted to expand on this concept which has got me through some challenging times in my start up journey. Lets be real here for a second and admit that this isn’t an easy thing to do nor is it encouraged in the world that we live in. We are taught from a young age to not be proud of ourselves and i believe that we have the ” tall poppy syndrome” to blame for this. Nevertheless i have wrote this blog post to encourage you to be your own biggest fan, like a cheerleader for yourself haha.

When i first started “you’re my type ” i was really excited about the possibilities and i could see the future and all that i might be able to accomplish within the lettering sphere. Everyone was over the top with encouragement as my new start up started to take flight and people could see me moving forward. Its in these moments where we know we are invincible and that we are on the right track because of all the support we are gaining and momentum we are attracting. Its exciting, Its motivating and Its crazy awesome!

Then, without warning the comments begin to fade and you post a photo on Instagram and all you hear is crickets and a tumble weed blows past and there you are wondering what went wrong within a matter of weeks. You findĀ  yourself calling your mum to say hello but really you are searching for some encouragement on that quote you put up just 6 minutes ago ( Thank goodness we have our mums support!!). Maybe your not like me and you have your confidence all sorted before you even started this journey and i am a happy for you but for the rest of us scrambling around for some positive feedback, you are totally not alone.

When it gets to this point of your business this is the time and the moment when you really start to become your own biggest fan. This is the next level and phase of your business to go to the next level and it all starts with you and how much you cheer yourself on. If i hadnt committed to this exercise i would have been taken out of the race and it would have been my own fault.

How do we do this? It starts with changing those negative thoughts to positive ones. Things like ” ill never be as good as__________” “I’ve made a mistake and this is the end” ” This is way too hard for me” ” I’m not even that good at this” are just some of the sentences we repeat in our minds over and over on a daily basis. One of the exercises that has proven to be extremely beneficial for me was to write out in my journal what bad experience had happened and then underneath it wrote out some positive things that i was doing to replace in my mind the fact that i hadn’t quite nailed that part of my business yet. It sounds so simple but it is vital for you and your business. Find little wins all around you. you may have washed up the dishes (give yourself a high five) you may have replied to an email (pat yourself on the back) you may have called your grandma and told her that you love her ( wow you’re amazing!). These may not seem likeĀ  huge accomplishments but its all about getting your mind to think positively even with the small things. You’ll find over time that you will naturally just apply this to bigger situations because of the habits you have created.

There is no harm at all in encouraging yourself, in fact, it has got me through some really discouraging times where quitting seemed like the best option for me. Some may say your full of yourself but i don’t believe that to be true. Your just doing what most people wont do because they are afraid of the power it may have. So go ahead now write down 5 things that you are proud of yourself for and see how it changes your perspective and potentially, if you let it, your life.

much love, Ella x