In 2017 i went full time with by business. The last thing i expected was how many books i would read and how addicted to knowledge i would become. The following list are some of the highlight books from last year that have inspired me on my personal journey that have had a flow on affect into my business. I believe as a business owner it is my responsibility to makes sure that im always educating myself and growing in knowledge becasue i want to strive to be better at what i do. There is no better way to sit down and have a conversation with Brene brown about vulnerability being your strength, hearing Richard Branson tell you stories of his amazing adventurous life and Elizabeth Gilbert take the pressure off the creative process and allowing you to breathe again. So here’s my list and a short description of why i loved them and how they changed my life.

Rising strong- Brene brown 

This book truly helped me forgive my dad which I never thought would happen. He left us when I was young and I could never get over the hurt of why he did that. Brene taught me so much about the stories that we make up about situations and also being vulnerable means you are truly brave. This enabled me to feel light, free and understand people in a new way.

Big magic-Elizabeth Gilbert

If you are stuck creatively this book will blow your mind. Elizabeth talks about how creativity is an enduring process and that inspiration doesn’t just come. You have to work for it. I truly felt like as a creative business this is a must read and will refresh you.

Girl boss-Sophia Amoruso

Showed me that you really can create a business from anything. Even your bedroom floor and apartment that you cant afford to rent. She started her business out of a hate for doing the normal thing and a love for vintage clothing. Her netflix series girl boss was also a good way to see how she grew her successful business.

Richard Bransons autobiography

There is no doubt that branson is a living legend but his autobiography made me adore him even more. He showed me the value of having fun and getting outdoors and that you can still do that while running a business. Before i read his book i thought that running a business meant you had to wear a suit and be serious all the time but he taught me you can create whatever future you want.

You are a badass at making money- Jen Sincero

I suggest this book to everyone who is struggling with how to charge clients. This book helped me to work through my limiting money mindesets, develop a healthy outlook on money and freed me completely from being awkward about and with money. Money used to cripple me, now it buys me freedom.

Shoe dog- Phil Knight ( the founder of nike)

Lesson: everyone has a hard time in business, learn to navigate it and beyond anything else believe in what you are doing. It takes patience to build a successful brand so don’t take shortcuts.

4 hour work week- Tim Ferriss

Moving from a 9-5 job to being my own boss was hard to navigate. Reading 4 hour work week allowed me to dream of a life I really wanted to live without working 80 hours per week to get there. Tim added a new perspective on freedom and how i could create a life i loved working for myself.

Humans of new York-Brandon Stanton

Nothing made me more uncomfortable than reading this book. I realized how many times I had judged someone based on their looks without ever knowing what was going on. It helped me to show more compassion to people I didn’t know.


Tribe of mentors- Tim Ferriss

This book gave me an insight into the lives of the best people in the world at what they do and enabled me to dream bigger, set disciplines that lead to success and lead me to many great books to read. I figured if the best in the world are applying these things then i should take seriously what they do.

I am hoping to read more books this year becasue my continual thirst for learning keeps me inspired. Some books that i have ordered are:

Purple cow, Start with why, barefoot investor and mans search for meaning.

Hot tip: if you can’t afford to buy books all the time go to your local library and borrow them. Book depository also has books for A lot cheaper than retail prices or you can ask to do a book swap with someone on instagram that you see they are reading.. try to think outside the box but never let money limit how much you can learn.

Every book you get is an investment into your life and will bring you so much knowledge and joy.

Let me know what your favourite books are below and why..ella x