Feeling stuck with where to take your business next? Do you have a million ideas but not sure how to execute them? Do you want to release a successful product launch?

Business coaching is for you!

The main purpose of business coaching is to partner with you to help clarify your objectives and goals. This helps to keep your business on track and continually moving forward. I have personally seen significant growth in my own business since hiring a business coach and it has helped me incredibly with clarification, achieving goals and desired outcomes.

My business journey so far:

 I have had the honour of leading leadership teams of over 20 people, held leadership retreats + seminars and have frequently found myself public speaking to an audience of hundreds. One of my favourite times was having the ability to lead a team on a trip overseas where we improved the living conditions of an orphanage in the west of Bali. On that trip i had to negotiate with local authorities, lead a team of 10 people, deal with conflict resolution and build an aquaponics project to create a consistent income stream for the orphanage.

At the end of 2014 with no uni degree and desperately wanting to escape the 9-5 i had to decide what my future was going to look like. I knew that I wanted to live a life that i was excited by and gave me the freedom to control my own time rather than someone else doing it for me. I was always an A+ student in visual arts so i decided to pursue a creative passion that i stumbled across through instagram called lettering.

My success has lead me to starting an online store selling prints, journals, brush pens, ink and hand lettered t-shirts. Taking my skills and offering them to passionate creatives to learn lettering has been a huge success and resulted in over 150 students learning in my workshops all across Australia with more to come in 2018 on my tour. My lettering journey has opened up doors that allowed me to work with MYER creating in store lettering designs for their customers and also creating custom prints for ASHY BINES. My latest accomplishment includes a business podcast to help other entrepreneurs in their own start up journey where i speak honestly about business, life and lessons i have learnt along the way of building a successful business. Its my passion to see businesses succeed because i know how satisfying it is to build something from the ground up. I started in a garage and now i am travelling australia, coaching clients, lettering for big brands and being my own boss. It truly is an amazing life i get to live and i truly believe you can have this life too.

Lets make that wild dream of yours a reality! Ella x

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