Embracing the messy, complicated, beautiful, challenging, unique journey is something that we have all had to grasp at some point in our lives. It has shaped you, molded you and prepared you for things you never thought you could overcome but here you are, a beautiful example of someone who has an incredible story to share with the world. Your journey is yours whether you are proud of it, want to blame others for it or hide away from it Its a part of you.

A huge part of me embracing my journey has been through the magic of journalling. For me, it has helped through some really rough times in my life and has allowed me to process my mess and overwhelming feelings. It has also been a great way to express gratitude and write down epic quotes from books im reading so i don’t forget them. The way i like to journal is with no structure at all. I cut out magazines, paint, letter quotes that relate to me, put polaroid pictures in there, bunnings paint swatches ( tell me i’m not the only one? haha)  and just genuinely have some fun expressing myself. This may not be your style but i want to encourage you to be free to experiment and find what the best way is for you.

Embracing your story is all about being kind on yourself and where you are at. Not comparing to someone elses chapter but embracing your story. Your story is unique and so so different to anyone elses. There is a pride in that. Be proud that you are growing whether its in little ways or big ways, slow or fast it doesn’t matter. Your journey is specific to you and that’s your power. No one has walked your walk exactly and there is no one on the planet like YOU. So embrace your messy, complicated journey and be nice on yourself. You totally deserve it.



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