” your own healing is the greatest message of hope for others”- Julia cameron, the artists way

If you are a creative and you are going through a season of feeling blocked or unable to create i would highly recommend reading a book called ” the artists way” by Julia Cameron. Julia tackles so much about the creative process and how to become unblocked that i would not do it justice by telling you about it in this blog post. It will be the best investment in your creativity and will help you on any creative journey as it is currently helping me on my own.

Today i found this quote in her book and i couldn’t help but quickly jot it down in my journal ( as i always do when reading) because i thought it was a beautifully written quote and also because it resonates with me.

To be honest, when i started you’re my type i was full of fire and passion about starting my own business. After a year I took a major blow to my whole world that almost took me out of the game and there i found myself lost and hurting. We moved to Brisbane shortly after and started to re build our lives and with that rebuilding of myself emotionally, physically and mentally i also found myself building creatively in a way i had never known.

Everyday I would get my inks, brushes and paper and i would cover the verandah of my mother in laws house with lettering mess. I still have the journal that i wrote in during those times and some of the quotes among crazy pictures and mess wrote:

” Behind the scenes is the real you however unattractive that may be”

” i promise that if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world you will become it”- Tyler Kent White

” its time to dig deeper and use muscles you didn’t even know you had”

During this time i hit pause on my business, i didn’t push or create for any purpose i just expressed what i wanted and how i wanted. I didn’t rip out pages from my journal either i had to own it and acknowledge the process for what it was, unpredictable and messy. As frustrating as healing can be when you are in it i knew i couldn’t force it, rush it or hide from it. So writing out quotes while practicing my lettering helped me get what was in my heart out on paper when i didn’t know the words to express the hurt i was feeling.

It didn’t always look pretty. It didn’t always have the perfect lettering going on or the right way of saying things and some days i didn’t want to do it. But that’s Sometimes what creativity and healing looks like. Messy, complicated and to every one else- nothing special.I felt like lettering was a huge part of my healing. To let it out from your heart and put it onto paper without worrying if it will be seen was so freeing that i still make sure i journal and letter daily. I think what i’m trying to say is that healing and creativity for me have played a huge part of me becoming who i am now. Strong, healthy, confident and excited for the future. I have worked so hard to get where i am now and this really is only the beginning of this wonderful adventure.

Creativity doesn’t have to be a hard laborious task that only masters can accomplish. Be nice on yourself and find time to do something little that will bring a smile to your face. It absolutely doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could buy some cheap paints and start finger painting, start ripping up magazines and making patterns with them or finding quotes on pinterest that you like and start writing them out. Find what works for you.

It is an honour now to be at a stage where i can letter in freedom and fun but i am so thankful that i first took the time to heal my heart and move at my own pace. Through my lettering i have been able to help, encourage and inspire others and it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people to which i am beyond grateful for. My hope is that through my healing and creativity it can be a message of hope for the broken and hurting and that i can inspire others to live an amazing life too. Much love x