First of all inspiration is not something that only artists have and live on a continual high with it. Inspiration comes and goes and you can never quite pin point when it will come. That’s the exciting thing about it because we literally have to work for it. 3 years ago i wasn’t doing anything creative in my life and i found myself in a slump thinking that i was wasting my talents. When i started lettering it was the discipline of doing it daily that has helped me get to where i am today. So with that being said.. Here is a few points that help me stay creative at the moment.
1. Go on a creative date with yourself.
This may mean visiting an art gallery, going for a walk in nature, buying something that enhances your creative skill, a road trip, a new book to read or going for a swim. The best thing you can do if you are feeling stuck as a creative is to take yourself out of where you are and do something different and fun. Sometimes for me just going to a cafe that inspires me and drinking good coffee can do the trick. The key is to find out what best fuels you.
2. Journal in the morning
If you are feeling a little blocked and unmotivated i highly recommend journalling in the mornings. This has been my morning ritual for the past few months and i have seen incredible results from it. Including an increased sense of self awareness, clear mind, grateful heart and complaining a whole lot less. I literally just brain dump everything my head is thinking before i get into the day and you’d be surprised at how much it frees your mind to focus on other things like creativity and being inspired. Find a way that works for you with this as we are all different and function in unique ways. The art of writing is a pretty powerful thing.  An amazing book to read on this is called ” the artists way” by Julia Cameron ( you can find it here) .
3. Create something everyday
It doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be something. What this does is it allows you to be open to inspiration, should it choose you today, and also gets you into the discipline of searching to create something. And the best thing is it doesn’t have to be limited to your one skill. Sometimes when i am over lettering ill go into the kitchen to cook something and be creative in another way, ill make a phone call to a friend and make them laugh, ill read a book or ill take a walk. expand your mind a little and have fun with it. Another amazing book to read about is ” Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert ( you can find it here) which will help you understand creativity and inspiration in a deeper way.
That’s how i stay inspired and excited about the incredible life that i get to live. I hope this helps you on your journey too x