I wanted to write this blog post to help you with the huge job of starting a business and how you can stay sane while running it. Unfortunately not a lot of startups are surviving their first 2 years and its my passion to help you on your own and let you know that you are not alone. Those restless nights, those moments of feeling like a failure.. They are normal. Its my desire through this blog post to encourage you and inspire you to keep going. So here’s what i think will help you to stay grounded, excited and most importantly sane in your start up.

1. A goal

I feel like a goal is an obvious thing to have but I feel like a lot of people undervalue how much impact they will have on your business. The amazing thing about goal setting is that once you establish a clear, attainable goal your subconscious will automatically adjust to achieve your goal, sometimes without you even realizing. I just looked back on my journals that i have written in over the past year and was surprised at how many goals i had achieved by just writing out things that i wanted to do. Like i wanted to have a market stall, release a journal, start my workshops and at one point at the start of 2016 i freaked myself out as i wrote the words ” im going to be full time in my business by 2017″. Its not a coincidence that this was a result of me having a goal in mind. A goal is a fun way to move forward especially if you are working at home and feeling like netflix might just be a better option today.


Confidence impacts the way you charge clients, interact with other people and determines how far your business will go. Gaining confidence will look different for us all and i encourage you to search and find what is stopping you from being confident as it can be so varied.It took me a while get confident in who I was and what I was capable of. I believe a huge part of me growing my confidence has stemmed from putting the right people around me. This takes some time but have people around you that will encourage you, push you on wards, understand you and also be a good friend to you. I have personally hired coaches, reconnected with friends that are great to be around but also are good for having real conversations and opening up about whats troubling me.

3.Staying hungry to learn

Read books, listen to podcasts, attend conferences- anything that will help you move forward. Always be hungry for more information and learning as much as you can. This has been one of the best things i have adapted into my daily routine and i truly believe it will set you apart. They say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. If you don’t have great people to hang out with listen to podcasts of people you admire. Let them speak to you and learn as much as you can form them, you can hang out with them everyday! how cool is that!

4. Don’t be so dam hard on yourself

This was one of the biggest lessons i learnt this year. Because i had never been my own boss i found this transition very difficult at first. In the first 2 weeks i cried a lot because i just didn’t know what i was doing and if this was going to work out. I questioned if i could sustain growth and i was so hard on myself that it honestly would have been easier working for someone else. This issue, as it turns out, would take more than a quick fix and for most of 2017 i had to re wire my brain and create healthy goals and release the expectations form myself. The only way i learnt this was by identifying the negative thoughts and replacing them with thoughts like ” good things take time ella” ” not everything has to be done right now in order for it to be successful” ” don’t be so hard on yourself its all going to be okay” and i would do this daily.  I believe if i hadn’t sorted this issue out that my business wouldn’t be alive right now. So if you too are being too hard on yourself. breathe in, breathe out and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.

So thats just a few things i have learnt this year running my business full time and thanks so much for taking the time out of your life to read this blog post. I hope that it has helped you and inspired you on your own journey. Please reach out if you ever need too. I’m passionate about helping you x