To all the movers, shakers, achievers, goal setters and hard working enthusiasts that are daily putting all there love and energy into their new start up but doubting themselves in the process this is directed at you.

I don’t proclaim to know it all but one thing i do understand and have been through is the negative mind patterns you can go through as a new business/ start up. I started ” you’re my type” with no accreditation, no idea how to run a business, let alone a successful one, I actually had no idea how to letter either ( how ironic haha) and no idea what BAS tax was.

But, despite all that, i am where i am today because i knew without a doubt that i wanted this and that i wanted to somehow make a difference with my creative ability. when i started to get some traction and my instagram started to grow i got really excited ( as everyone does) but i also had alot of negative thoughts in my head that came mostly from comparison with other artists. It has been a journey ever since and one of the most important things i would suggest to you is to make sure your thinking life is healthy. so here is my one sentence advice for you:


You must be your biggest support. Don’t rely on family, friends or close relationships as your only source of encouragement. learn to celebrate the little wins and be proud of your self ( your actually allowed to do this!!)


At the end of the day if your not staying true to who you are, i think that’s a shame. The world wants your perspective, your unique talents and your inspiring lifestyle- give that to them!


I remember my first ever “WTHAID” moment when someone asked me if i created lettering ( having never really done it before) and i said yes while nervously repeating these words in the back of my head. Just keep in mind that we are real people behind our social media posts and like you, we have doubts and insecurities.


Make sure you allow the time to be creative for no reason at all. I find that even though i’m creating all the time its my responsibility to make sure that i have a creative outlet that doesn’t involve a brief or dollar sign at the end.


Your not the only one who thinks they should have it altogether or figured out by now. Take the pressure off yourself and just have fun with it. Learn on the go and from your mistakes, this is all very normal to go through.


my biggest concern today is that i see other people wishing they would be like _________( insert amazing persons name here) and that if only they could letter like them or have the following like them they would be truly happy. Have you ever stopped to think that there is most likely someone looking at your life wishing they had what you had? As someone wise once said ” comparison is the thief of joy” and it will also drive you crazy like it did for me in the early days.

please feel free to reach out to me if you need to chat, i have been there. I get it!