5: Why your 2018 should include goal setting

Today we dive in and talk about goal setting and how the benefits that It can bring to your life.If we don’t set any action steps towards our goals its much harder to achieve a goal. When people think about goals often its associated with guilt or overwhelm but i want...

4: Dreams, passion and a Camper Van

In 2018 i'm going on a tour around Australia teaching my lettering workshops along the way. This episode dives into the reason why i'm packing up my life to pursue my dream, how i made it happen and how passion has led me to this stage. I encourage you in your own...

3: How to deal with overwhelm in your business

Feeling like your overwhelmed with your business at this time of year? Today I talk about a practical way to deal with overwhelm and how it can affect your business, mindfulness and health. So grab out a piece of paper, your favourite pen and lets  clear your mind so...

2: Instagram tips

Discouraged with Instagram? I talk real with you about how I feel about Instagram, being a girl and social media, discouragement, how to keep motivated with it, How to use it to benefit you and how I built my following. Keep going and don’t give up.

1: My business story

Owner of You're My type, Ella Rathbone, shares about how she started her business from scratch and turned her desire to get out of the 9-5 into a successful business.