One of the biggest things i have been stressing about lately is having to do things a particular way.. You know how we all have these ideas, schedules and pressure on ourselves to perform. Well i had a realization the other day that you actually don’t have to run your business traditionally.

Moving from a 9-5 job to becoming my own boss was the hardest transition because i held onto the traditional ideas that you have to have set hours, work hard and if you aren’t stressed then your not doing a good enough job. Now i don’t know if everyone thinks like this but when i went to being my own boss these thoughts captivated me and at times overwhelmed as i desperately tried to figure out what was normal when being my own boss.

After a year full time i have got used to it but i have still been struggling with how to run my business as i have been basing it off other peoples opinions/ what i have seen done so many times. The thing is you don’t have to run your business in any format or traditional norms, i told myself. I kept thinking that nothing was good enough unless i stuck to schedules, kept a diary or checking off to do lists on paper notes.. But what if you don’t work well like this.. What if your brain doesn’t function like that and you find it uncomfortable. So many people have told me how i should be running my business. I don’t think they ever did it to confuse or cripple me but they would give me little hints like: you should keep a diary, you should schedule in posts, you should get an instagram app where you can plan out your photos. I know they were just trying to help me but overtime these little suggestions can overwhelm you into thinking your an idiot because you cant work like that,.

And the truth is i thought i was for a long time because i don’t work in a traditional way or the way others think i should be working. I wanted to write this post to encourage you in your business that what others have done doesn’t mean its the best or only way to run your business. For me i am trying to understand that i don’t work best under stress, i don’t like boxing myself in with scheduling posts, and i like being spontaneous. If you are like me it doesn’t at all mean that you are immature ( like i used to think of myself) it doesn’t mean your not a hard worker, and it really doesn’t mean that you are less successful than anyone else. It means that you are smart enough to know how you work best, you have an understanding of yourself that a lot of other people don’t, you don’t put pressure on yourself or punish yourself to do something a particular way.. you are free.. And the crazy thing is once you accept that you are going to do it your way you actually begin to work better in your business, produce valuable content, take amazing photos and genuinely you are happier because of it.

If you are a business owner how you are feeling will flow out of your business whether it’s through your Instagram stories, photos you post or clients meetings you have. Its so important to make sure that you are well and working the best way that works for YOU. That’s the thing about being your own boss.. Freedom sounds like a dream until you are living in it and have no idea what to do. Trial and error are your best friends. Just see if it works for you and if it doesn’t. Don’t beat yourself up if you cant keep a diary like i cant.. Its actually okay. If you need to keep those kind of things under control then hire someone who can do that for you but don’t feel bad that you can’t do it.

I wanted to release you from feeling incapable, insecure and vulnerable when it comes to running your business. You will feel that you will adjust so many times and a lot of the time it feels out of control. This is normal. There is always so much to do in business and sometimes it feels like you can easily get swallowed by it. Just make sure you know yourself well enough to know when you need to get out of the house and go for a walk. These are things that can’t be taught for a stay at home boss lady but i am hoping to shed some light on the ” grey” areas. its okay to have a nap, read a book or watch netflix if you feel you need to rest your brain. Its okay to call your mum or make a nice lunch if you feel you need too. I think alot of the decisions we make should come down to the fact we know what we need in any present moment and we react accordingly. Sometimes i will feel like i’m getting really frustrated working at home by myself. Its in those moments when i neeed to call someone and laugh on the phone with them. Or ill do some meal prep for the week (and eat all the sweet potato because IT TASTES SO GOOD!) so that i can feel like i’m being productive in another way but it really is up to you and what works for you. This adjustment has been a huge change for me and one i am still working out but i have finally changed my thinking ( thank you holidays!!!!) and i am now making my motto for the year to be:

” Don’t get so caught up in what you ” should” be doing that it distracts you from what you actually need”

I wrote this quote when i was feeling overwhelmed with what i “should” be doing while on holidays in regards to my business.. Hang on.. Who said i should be working? who said i should feel bad for taking time off… I encourage you to challenge these thoughts and to listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t look at what’s worked for others because your life is wildy different and cannot be compared at all. like seriously.. your business is completely different from anyone else. so in closing thoughts.. You do you and you do it well!

your personal cheerleader, Ella x