thankful list


After making a donation to the Thankyou chapter one book that has recently come out i have been waiting in anticipation for its arrival and today i held it in my hands.

Ever since i went on my first trip over seas to stay and help in an orphanage for a few weeks i have such a huge heart for those in need and its been something i have not been able to ignore & thankfully i haven’t wanted too. There were so many incredible moments that i had forgotten about until reading this book and to be honest so many things in my life that i have been taking for granted. It feels silly to admit that i am unhappy with some aspects of my life, which really are first world problems,¬† especially when i think of the faces, smiles and stories behind all those beautiful kids in that orphanage. I went over to Indonesia naively¬† thinking that i would be a savior to these kids by helping them out but quite the opposite happened. They taught me more about generosity than anyone i have known, more about love, more about friendship, more about gratefulness and how to communicate love without even speaking the same language.

After reading a few chapters of the ” chapter one ” book i re visited those precious memories that were put to the back of my mind and re- evaluated myself and my priorities. It started with a list of all the things i am thankful for. Things that i, maybe you, take for granted because they are basic necessitates of life- but they aren’t for many people. My hope is that i, maybe even you, may open our eyes everyday to see the blessings that we are saturated in.

so i started a list to help my thoughts think about thankfulness more, what will you do?