dont give up


This is me, featured above obviously, and although i’m not a fan of broadcasting ” me” i think its important to see the face behind the posts on social media platforms and i like meeting people so i feel like this is the best way i can do this for now. I also want to get to know you, you amazing world changer.. but for now here are 10 facts about me

  1. my business started in a garage surrounded by paint, the lawn mower that still had fresh grass clippings in it, the smell of fuel , camping gear and tools. we lived in a 3 bedroom house at the time so i don’t understand why i felt that the garage was the most inspiring place to be.. but oh well that was were it was created.
  2. I am a barista and have worked in the coffee industry for over 5 years working with some amazing roasting companies.
  3. when i go walking i will always bring a souvenir home like a branch, leaves, dead sticks or berries . I dont make it my mission to do so, it just happens.. EVERY SINGLE TIME..
  4. I buy something every time i go into an art store whether i need it or not ( bad habit)
  5. I am known for my really loud laugh
  6. I really love meeting new people and hearing there stories.. its my favourite!!
  7. I always keep a journal/ process diary of everything i create and i have done this for as long as i can remember.. i think i have stored 2 big boxes full over the past years. its so fun to look over them!
  8. I love to make people laugh and smile
  9. I love to have fun and i will find it in every situation..
  10. I am a big adventurer

that’s all from me, for now x