We have all heard the word ” hustle” been thrown around by passionate entrepreneurs on Instagram but what does it mean to hustle as a creative when it looks different from other business models? Brad and Ella have a conversation about what it means for them as creative professionals, so join them as they break down the creative hustle.

What’s the creative hustle?

I have listened to entrepreneurs that say they work 16 hour days but i’ve wondered how that works for those of us in the creative industry? I know as a creative that inspiration can strike at any time and also that creatives function in a whole different space. So here’s 3 things we can do to ” hustle” and still keep our creativity.

1. Find out where you do your best work

This was hard for me to learn when i first started my business becasue it takes a lot of self discovery and trial and error if you are not already familiar with how you work. Do you work better in the mornings? at 2am when the world is asleep? or when you are surrounded by people? test this out and honour how you feel when you are in these situations. It will mean that you are highly productive and you’ll make more money in your business by honouring how you work.

2. Make time for creative play

It’s so easy to get caught up in working on your business that most creatives can neglect their talent. Well i know for me this has been true. So it’s important to schedule creative play so that you are honouring your gift as a creative but also so you keep getting better and better.  Try and do something everyday that honours your creativity.

So can we be creative and still bring the hustle? absolutely it just looks different for us. Some days might be 16 hour days, some might be 3. whatever it is honour it and work as best as you can, you got this x