Are you selling or serving your audience? Did you know that you can create an influential brand by serving your audience and as a result be more profitable? If you’re not serving your audience you will be inspired to after this episode as Brad and Ella share how they both are serving their audiences while growing their business. Serving is the new selling! Listen above by clicking play or read below for alternative words aka blog lovers.

Selling Vs Serving

what? i have no idea what you’re talking about. Its all good, let me explain what i mean and the difference between them both.

1. So you’re saying that selling is a bad thing?

well no, its not a bad thing becasue we still need to make a living its just that everything has changed now and if you are not keeping up with how the market has changed you aren’t going to win. Selling is when you receive nothing but discounts/ promo codes and you feel like the business is being pushy for a sale. The other day i watched normal television and saw so many adds that were functioning in this way. They were annoying, pushy and i felt like i was being used in the process. Big businesses haven’t caught up to the art of serving yet so you have a huge advantage of taking this on now and having the upper hand.

2. How do i serve my audience?

Don’t get me wrong selling still has a place but the way we go about it has to change. That’s where serving your audience comes into play. You can serve your audience through blog posts, podcasts, giving away recipes, sharing tips and tricks with your audience or vlogging about your day. Whatever it is make sure it’s true to you and what you are passionate about. Watch how serving your audience will boost your following, increase profits and gain trust from your audience. Serving is the new selling!