Are you a service based business with way too many services to offer?. This podcast Brad and Ella, who are both working as service based creative professionals, have a conversation about why they have cut services from their businesses and how they increased their profits by doing so. To listen to the podcast hit play or to read about this continue below.

How limiting your services is a good thing

There are many businesses that have a lot of services and are able to do them all successfully. This is not for those kind of businesses. This is for the start up who offers too many products, too many services and is struggling with keeping up with them. My aim today is to help you clarify what you want and to see how we can limit your services but gain maximum impact at the same time. So here’s 3 tips to understand if you need to limit your services.

1. How many services do you offer?

Too many services that are not done properly can confuse your customers and possibly yourself. Having a lot of services that you can’t execute properly is doing damage to your business. Have a think about how you can reduce your services/ you products or your menu and see if you can offer some good quality and valuable services instead of offering a lot.

2. Are you enjoying the services you provide?

Trail and error is the easiest way to figure out if you are enjoying the services you provide. I found out really early on in my business that i didn’t enjoy creating wedding invitations for clients. I noticed that i would be getting frustrated with the whole process and the thought of wedding invites made me want to hide. So it was a clear indication for me that if i wasn’t enjoying it i needed to no longer offer it and focus on other things that i truly loved. By doing this i am actually providing a better experience for my clients and adding more value to the things that i enjoy creating which in turn brings a profit. Its a win win situation.

3. How to simplify and then add quality

For me it was a process. If you are a service that can offer a lot of things like graphic design or calligraphy this will be a matter of interest to you and what it is that you really want to focus on. For me weddings was a no go so i decided that i really liked creating logos and i would focus on them for a while and promote that through my social media platforms. You must realize that whatever you promote on social media streams you are going to get inquiries about. So if you don’t want to do weddings don’t show wedding invitations that you created and get your audience excited.