This podcast episode Brad and Ella talk about how they have built healthy, genuine connections with people and as a result has benefited their businesses. When healthy connections with people develop it could help you gain unique opportunities, work with incredible clients and enable your business to grow. Click play to listen above or keep on reading below.

How healthy connections will help grow your business

First of all building healthy genuine connections is harder than you may initially think. Relationships are delicate, especially in the business world, so this is how i have built healthy connections with others and a result it has benefited my business.

1. This is not about what you want.

People can sense a mile away if you are just looking to connect with them for selfish reasons. Don’t connect with someone because you want to use them to build your business. This will only turn on you some day and could damage your name and your business. There is a healthy and genuine way to connect with people and if done right you can both benefit from the relationship and you both should.

2. Its the long term game, not the short.

Healthy connections isn’t about the short term quick wins, it’s about the long term wins. I’m talking 3, 7 and 10 years down the track kind of wins. Don’t underestimate what your building now for the future.

3. Connect genuinely

Don’t just leave comments on their Instagram that make you sound like you’re a bot. Connect with them genuinely by sending them a message just to encourage them and to say how they have impacted your life. Everyone needs and wants encouragement and this is a great way to start building connections.